Helping others live healthier,
more active lives

As a certified health coach, Elisha utilizes evidence-based approaches to help her clients determine how to successfully incorporate sustainable, healthy habit changes. 

Elisha is credentialed by the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching and the Adapt Health Coach Training Program at the Kresser Institute.


Optimal health means having the ability to take advantage of life’s myriad of possibilities, but chronic disease and related symptoms often get in the way and prevent us from living healthier, more active lives.


True healing requires attending to the following: nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep, alcohol limitation, and smoking cessation.


Elisha utilizes approaches like motivational interviewing, positive psychology, strengths-centered coaching, and other techniques to help her clients gain clarity and determine how to form new, healthier habits.

Are you someone who

  • Experiences overwhelm as you work to follow your doctors’ directives?

  • Believes your life would improve with appropriate changes to your nutrition, exercise, or sleep routines?

  • Has been advised that specific lifestyle changes could help relieve some of your most uncomfortable symptoms (e.g. joint pain, headaches, weight gain, anxiety, etc.)?
  • Repeatedly, but unsuccessfully attempts to use grit and willpower to make changes?

Elisha’s passion stems from her personal experience. 

She is determined to help others to navigate and overcome the barriers that prevent them from living their healthiest lives.