Helping others live healthier,

more active lives

As a certified Health Coach trained in human behavior, Elisha Selzer understands that successful habit change occurs when proper systems are put into place. Utilizing evidence-based approaches, Elisha partners with her clients to determine the most effective strategies for them. In collaboration, they forge the path for improved health.

After “simple, yet life-altering” nutritional changes afforded her new everyday freedoms, Elisha became eager to learn more and help others. Elisha is certified by both the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching and the ADAPT Program of The Kresser Institute for Functional and Evolutionary Medicine. ADAPT’s year-long, comprehensive, and dual-track program requires its students to learn and practice the many evidence based theories involved in Health Coaching, while also providing a robust education spanning the major lifestyle factors that prevent and reverse chronic disease.

Interestingly, as a college student, Elisha established Lite Weights, a small business providing inexpensive aerobics classes to her peers. While her journalism degree, business development, and public relations backgrounds took her on different paths, she feels like she’s been guided, full circle, to a space in which she has great passion, infinite energy, and an overwhelming desire to create awareness of the gifts simple lifestyle changes can provide.