work with elisha

Elisha works with people to improve their health by helping them to discover and implement the most effective plan toward sustainable lifestyle changes. Plans are individualized, fluid, and ultimately determined by the client’s intrinsic motivation, priorities, personal strengths, and values.


Reach out to Elisha to book your free initial consultation and to see how she can help you on your unique path.


Elisha will meet with you one-on-one to strategize solutions for your health struggles and challenges in your particular stage of life. She can craft a package for you that meets you where you are. Whether you want to meet once a week or once a month, it’s up to you.


Group coaching is an efficient way to receive healthy lifestyle education and walk away with an achievable plan for incorporating healthier habits into your lifestyle. Feeding off the energy and learning from the challenges and successes of fellow participants prove to be very effective ways to either kick-start or restart the habits to help you achieve your goals! Furthermore, fellow group participants seeking similar outcomes become built-in accountability partners — another benefit to doing this work in a group setting.

Elisha’s basic groups will include at least 1 individual intake session.

Depending on the needs of the participants, additional individual sessions can be incorporated into the plan. You can choose from the list of topics below or customize. Groups can be held virtually or in person and generally meet once a week or bi-weekly, running anywhere from 4 to 12 sessions.

Topic ideas for groups include:

  • Basic Lifestyle Changes to Improve your Overall Health
  • Diet Determination: What might work best for you?
  • Strategies for squeezing self-care into an already packed day
  • Combating Chronic Stress for optimal Health
  • Why New Year’s Resolutions Rarely Work and What you can Do about It
  • Wellness at Work


Schedule Elisha to speak at your next networking or group event. Her presentation will include healthy lifestyle education along with opportunities to share experiences and walk away with some achievable “next steps” to get you started on your journey to greater health. Her personal experiences and certifications in the health and wellness space have given her the tools to educate and inform others. These presentations/workshops are customizable to your specific needs.


Help your employees to incorporate healthier habits at work and notice changes in their focus, demeanor, and energy levels. Employees are likely to experience fewer aches and pains, increased creativity and production, and decreased fatigue and brain fog as they begin to make slight shifts in their overall daily routine. Elisha can conduct individual or group sessions or a combination of both to meet the needs of your business.